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Baby Shark Dance | Baby Shark Video gains billions of Views | Animal Songs | 3D Animation Songs

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Humans with access to both the internet and young children may be familiar with “Baby Shark,” a jaunty little ditty about a family of, well, sharks. A mega-hit on YouTube, the song hit the Billboard 100 several times, making the true transition to the mainstream. However, it’s been a power trend in social videosince 2016. Here are some quick “Baby Shark” facts you may not be aware of:

  • The most popular “Baby Shark” video has generated over 2.3B views and over 5.3M engagements on YouTube.

  • It’s in the top 10 most-viewed YouTube video of all time — and the most-viewed video in the “Education” category ever.

  • The top ten most-viewed “Baby Shark” videos have generated over 4.6B views.

  • “Baby Shark Challenge” videos have generated over 396M views on YouTube.

For those not familiar with the song, we’re excited to bring it to you in this exciting new variation.

You’re welcome:

Baby Shark: A Quick Viral Video History

Although the tune of “Baby Shark” is decades old and was reworked by Pinkfong! MyEzyPzy educational brand is uploading it to YouTube June 2021! This version of the rhyme that captured the imagination of kids around the world and launched the viral craze. “Baby Shark”, will continue the global phenomenon and a meme-friendly smash, with top K-pop groups doing their own performances of the song at their concerts. Views of PinkFong!’s YouTube upload gathered pace, making it the the top 10 most-viewed video in YouTube history. While the original “Baby Shark” upload has generated 2.2B views, it’s not the only version that’s doing well on the platform. In fact, the top 10 most-viewed “Baby Shark” videos have generated over 4.6B views to date, with the following five the most-viewed of all time. WeMyEzyPzy hope to continue this trend on....

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