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Children's 'Read Aloud' Story Book | BUBBLE FUN

Children's 'Read Aloud' Story Book | Bubble FUN (Karaoke Style - Movie pages) Age 2-9. A frothy, little tale of fun and games. A playful book full of wonderful illustrations and quirky tricks that will have every child wanting to reach for the wand and become a bubble scientist.

We realised the importance of not guiding our children towards reading or read aloud story books, they get too engrossed in animated video's as it more fun and easier for US as parents. So we take time on a daily basis to read and allow our children to utilise the read aloud story books on YouTube, allowing them to enhance their vocabulary and knowledge, which in turn has helped them at nursery and school.

We hope that everyone can get the same benefits from our website and other social media channels. Allowing you or your kids to gain knowledge and become a more advanced reader as well as using it in day to day life to become a better person. Enjoy!! MEP

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