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Children's 'Read Aloud' Story Book | Up in the Air

Children's 'Read Aloud' Story Book | Up in the Air Karaoke Style - Movie pages) Age 2-9. A fun poem about all the things that fly, zoom and hover UP IN THE AIR, which gets kids imaginations running wild about what would it be like to fly in the air...

We understand that it is good to allow your children to be free and allow that creativity and imagination to run wild, it will do them good when they grow to be a young adult/ adult. We don't wish to raise our kids but rather cultivate them. Allow them to be free like a bird and become their own character, become something they wish to be. Let's get them off their branches of fear remind them that it is ok to fail, but keep trying until they fly high.

This is only our opinion, if you have any counter arguments then we would love to hear from you. We always want to win or learn and take new improved ideas from others, allowing our kids to blossom...

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