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Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Make screen time, a better time by making it a learning time. Click the videos that focus on reading. Nursery rhymes are part of first childhood memories so make their memories awesome with alluring, groovy, and runic style.

Mystic and musical Nursery Rhymes helps in learning the language. Both rhythm and rhyme help in learning sounds that further help in reading. The alluring rhymes do not only improve awareness of mew words but also improves the speech of a child. When a child enthusiastically sings along with the rhyme he improves his speech quickly.

Other than phonics or sounds a child can have many benefits from listening and watching nursery rhymes. For example:

  • Improves memory

  • Learning different concepts

  • Learning morals

  • Improves listening ability

  • Increase attention span

Myezypzy is presenting children’s favorite nursery rhymes with a more groovy style. With the presence of a cool blue cat, Pete, his mum, dad, and his friends let children deep dive into the scene. With Pete, the Cat children will not only improve their listening skills but also learn to form language. Let’s see what Pete the Cat is teaching children through some of the magical nursery rhymes that will buzz into their heads all day.

What Pete the Cat is teaching with Old McDonald had a farm:

Old McDonald had a farm is an all-time favorite rhyme for the kids of all time. It is because of its catchy rhythm and animals’ sounds. It also has the letters ‘E,’ ‘I’ and ‘O’ in it. The most favorite part for the kids in the poem is animal’s sounds and e-i-e-i-o. I still remember that the whole day I kept singing e-i-e-i-o after listening to this poem.

This time the poem has become more interesting and alluring because Pete with his friends can also be seen in it. The groovy Pete the Cat is enjoying different animals’ sounds and enjoying driving a tractor on the farm.

What Pete the Cat is teaching with Itsy-bitsy spider:

Pete, the Cat knows the art of teaching motivational lessons to children. This time he has done some awesome changes in the rhyme and the Itsy-bitsy spider learns from Pete to never give up.

This is the most important lesson our children learn from this rhyme. The colorful pictures and alluring rhythm engages the child’s attention throughout the rhyme. This poem is not only making the children learn different words like ‘up,’ ‘spout,’ ‘out,’ ‘sun,’ ‘rain,’ and ‘down’ but it is also teaching a very important lesson of not giving up. Pete the Cat is constantly motivating the spider to try again and not losing hope.

What Pete the Cat is teaching while driving the bus:

The little-known fact about this rhyme is children are learning many new words unintentionally. Pete the cool groovy cat is enjoying the melody with the passengers on the bus and children improve their vocabulary while singalong with this song. They will learn new words blink, beep, signals, wheels, etc. The alluring song gets the attention of the little ones and makes them learn how to form their language skills.

What Pete the Cat is teaching with the twinkling star in the sky:

“Twinkle twinkle little star” is one of the first rhymes that every child heard. We used to sing too but we never focused on its hidden message. Yes, through this rhyme Pete the cool Cat is teaching how a little light of star can help in the absence of bright sunlight. This light is not bright like sunlight but its little light is enough to help others in the darkness of the dark blue sky.

This video has a collection of all-time children’s favorite rhymes so utilize the screen time of your child and make it a learning time.

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