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Is there going to be SNOW 'Daze' this Christmas? Join Pete The Cat and friends to find out!

Pete The Cat Snow Daze Collection | Sing Along Song | Kids Christmas Songs | MyEzyPzy production... 89 Mins of Learning for OUR kids!!!

In Pete the Cat: Snow Daze, school is canceled, and Pete cannot wait to play in the snow with all his friends. Imagine a day filled with snowball fights, hot chocolate, snowcats, and more. But when the next day and the day after that are all snow days, Pete comes to a sudden realisation—it is possible to have too many snow days. Pete the Cat: Snow Daze is a My First I Can Read book, which means it’s perfect for shared reading with a child.

[0:07] Pete the Cat Snow Daze

[4:18] Pete The Cat 12 Groovy Days to Christmas

[8:47] Pete The Cat Saves Christmas

[12:52] Pete The Cat The Petes Go Marching

[16:54] Pete The Cat I Love My White Shoes

[21:01] Pete the Cat Happy Halloween

[23:17] Pete the Cat Five Little Pumpkins

[24:14] Pete The Cat Trick or Pete

[27:12] Pete The Cat Super Pete

[30:31] Pete The Cat and The New Guy

[34:46] Pete The and His Magic Sunglasses

[39:24] Pete The Cat and his Missing Cupcakes

[43:15] Pete The Cat's Groovy Imagination

[47:14] Pete The Cat Saves Christmas

[51:35] Pete the Cat Falling for Autumn

[56:30] Pete The Kitty and the Unicorns Missing Colors

[59:42] Pete The Cat and The Perfect Pizza Party

[1:04:23] Pete The Kitty Wash Your Hands

[1:07:02] Pete The Cat Rocking in my School Shoes

[1:11:13] Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

[1:16:18] Pete The Cat Saves Christmas

[1:20:31] Pete The Cat 12 Groovy Days to Christmas

[1:25:01] Pete the Cat Snow Daze

[1:28:59] THE END

Stories by Eric Litwin, Art by James Dean, Edited by MyEzyPzy, Music & Narration from HarperCollins Children's Book. Many other books similar can be found at

Myezypzy is teaching important life lessons and basic educational concepts through Pete the Cat collection. The singalong stories always help parents in making children learn easily and quickly.

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