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A brief intro

It's dinner time, and Spot is nowhere to be seen. Mama Sally is looking for him all around the house. The spot is a cute cheeky puppy around whom the whole Spot series goes.

Where's Spot? is a book by Eric Hill from one of the most read and loved children's books. This series of lift-the-flap books started in the late eighties and was initially written for Hill's two-year-old son.

Now you can have this all-time favorite children’s storybook on youtube as well. If you don’t have the book no worries, your kids can still enjoy this read-aloud storybook on youtube.

The storyline

The story begins with one of the essential things in a toddler's life, mealtime. Sally, the pup's mama, is looking for Spot because it's supper time and she can't find him. He is maybe hiding somewhere or busy playing, so much that he can't hear his mama's voice. She looks for her naughty baby behind the door but finds the big burly bear with a jar of honey. When she looks inside the clock, she finds a yellow snake with green spots hiding there. Sally opened the pink piano to see if Spot was there but saw a hefty blue hippo inside and a small yellow bird on his head. She looked for him under the staircase. An orange lion was sitting there. Mama Sally opened the wardrobe, but in there, the naughty monkey was eating a banana. Sally hunted for Spot all around the house; under the pink bed, she found the green crocodile; in the orange box, she saw three penguins. She saw someone was hiding under the yellow rug, and mama hoped it to be Spot, but no! It was the green tortoise who told her to look inside the basket. At last, in the basket, she found her cute baby. Spot had his dinner, and then he played with his mama.

Benefits extracted

Spot the dog, the book with animal sounds has always been children's favorite, the reason being that every single book is packed with loads of learning material. Not just language, a regular reader can learn to live a life with Spot.

Where is the spot? is a similar experience. It teaches the child about colors, animals their sounds, and many more concepts.

Play with your little ones

You can also play with your baby or toddlers like Spot. You can hide their teddy for them to find. You can hide any of their toy under the bed or behind something. They would love to look for their things.

Learning about animals and colors

This book gives the reader a good knowledge of animals, big and small, what colors they have, even some of them are hiding in the book with their favorite food, for example, the bear is eating honey, and a monkey is eating a banana.

The color selected for the illustrations shows that one can't stop noticing them like the monkey is hiding in a bright green wardrobe, and the crocodile is lying under a shocking pink bed.

Getting to know about a house

During the hunt for her baby, Sally has searched almost every corner of the house. A child learns many everyday objects like a basket, wardrobe, bed, rug, and essential features like a staircase and door.

Try and try again!

Mama Sally is determined to find her pup. When she didn't see him anywhere, she did not lose hope, stayed consistent, and kept looking for him until she got him. The reader gets a lesson from Sally's character that trying, again and again, brings success in the end, and one should keep their spirits high!

Importance of meals on time

Meals should be taken on time. This is what we get to learn from this story. Mama knows that Spot is not lost. It's just that she is worried because his supper is getting late, and having late meals is not an excellent idea for children.

Mama's love

Sally being Spot's mother, is a symbol of love. Every mother has a heart like Sally. She is worried about her child, just like every mom.

Scavenger hunt

Towards the end of the story, the tortoise gives Sally a clue that she should "try the basket." It is a good idea for mothers to do a scavenger hunt with their toddlers. Children from ages 2 to 5 love to explore. You can hide one toy somewhere and leave a clue along with it for the next hiding place. A scavenger hunt is an excellent time-consuming activity, which nourishes the gross motor skills of a child.

The spot series

Every book of the Spot series is as good as the other, giving the reader an excellent knowledge of real-life day-to-day experience.

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