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Learn How To Spread Love to All with Pete The Cat's GROOVY GUIDE TO LOVE.


Spread the love, Pete style! Pete the Cat shares some groovy words from the heart in this fun collection of all his favorite famous quotes about self-love, pursuing your passions (or doing what makes you happy), and friendship.

This cool cat adds his heartfelt take on well-known classic quotes, from Vincent van Gogh to Virgil to Ovid to Charles Dickens. Everyone’s favourite blue cat reminds us that the key to loving life is to love yourself, love others, and love what you do.

1. Pete the Cat groovy guide to love:

The affectionate groovy guide with famous people’s love quote from all around the world is an amazing singalong book. From Plato to Virgil, Pete has shared almost all the love quotes of famous people.

Learning: This singalong story will not only give your kids some knowledge about the famous people in history but it will develop an understanding of love and its value.

2. The Petes go marching:

Children’s all-time favorite ‘The ants go marching’ is also included in Pete’s Halloween collection. Instead of ants Pete the Cat is marching here.

Learning: Kids will learn to count, rhyming words, new vocabulary.

3. Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses:

One day when Pete was feeling very sad, the grumpy toad gave him his blue sunglasses and said that these glasses can make anyone happy. Pete got those glasses and started feeling happy all day long. Just when his sunglasses got broken again, he got sad again.

A wise owl advised him that one should not need a reason to be happy. You can be happy even if you don’t have those glasses.

Learning: Kids will learn that happiness is inside us not in the things. We should not find reasons to be happy.

4. Pete the Cat and the New Guy:

This time groovy Pete is curious to know about the guy who is new in town. When he found out the new guy ‘Gus’ he got surprised that he looks like a duck and beaver too. Pete and Gus became friends. All the friends showed Gus what they can do. Gus tried all tricks on his friends but he couldn’t. Pete tried his best to encourage Gus was sad and disheartened. Next day when all the friends and Pete heard Gus drumming in his house.

Learning: Everyone has their ability and talent. One must not feel discouraged and demotivated but keep trying in searching talent.

5. Cool Cat Boogie with Pete the Cat:

The groovy Pete is teaching your kids how to be active with exercise and dance. These simple steps will help in dancing. One by one all of his friends will be shown in the story. Pete will keep dancing at different places.

Learning: Kids will learn simple dance steps from Pete the cool cat. They will not only learn the directions like ‘right’ and ‘left’ but they will also feel active while dancing with the beat.

6. Pete the Cat Crayons Rocks

One day when Pete woke up and from rockin' red to cool cat blue, with a box of crayons there's nothing Pete can't do! Pete uses his groovy crayons to draw lots of things, and for the first time ever, he’s drawing his pals. But when Pete shows his artwork to his friends, they don’t react the way he expected them to.

Learning: You don’t need anything special to stay happy.

7. Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Pete the Cat loves his four groovy buttons... but can he keep singing without them? Pete the Cat is back in another rock ’n’ roll story about staying positive no matter what life throws at you. Pete is a rock along, sing along Cat... and with his Four Groovy Buttons it’s easy to keep singing...!

Learning: keep bouncing back, no matter what life throws at you.

8. Pete The Cat Rocking in My School Shoes

Pete the Cat is back - and this time he's rocking in his school shoes. Pete discovers the library, the lunchroom, the playground, and lots of other cool places at school; And no matter where he goes, Pete never stops moving and grooving and singing his song . . . because it's all good!

Learning: be active and happy while dancing at school.

9. Pete The Cat and The Perfect Pizza Party

Pete is having a groovy pizza party and inviting all of his friends but everyone wants their favorite toppings on a pizza. The pizza turned into dynamite when all asked for unique toppings like popcorns, papaya, pickles, pistachios, etc. With weird toppings, Pete shared the pizza with all of his friends. Pete is teaching a lesson of sharing and accepting others’ choices as well.

Learning: Sharing and Accepting.

10. Pete The Cat and The Missing Cupcakes

There is something very important that Pete is teaching here. Pete and his friends are baking cupcakes but someone is eating them and one by one they all went missing. When all his friends found out who ate those cupcakes, they exclude him from the party. In the end, Pete forgave him and teaches a wonderful lesson to everyone about forgiveness.

Learning: to be forgiving.

11. Pete The Kitty Learning Shapes and Colors

It is time to work smartly instead of working harder than required. Using these devices to show shapes, colours and to count is an amazing solution for the daily problems we encounter. Helping our children understand the importance of learning while having fun wherever they go. Pete the Kitty encourages this, in fun and friendly way via these animated videos.

Learn Shapes, Colours and to count with Pete the Kitty Repeated Three times to help engrain shapes colours and counting skills within our Children. This Animated video provides a fun, friendly and super easy way for our Children to learn more quickly.

Learning: to count, shapes and colours in a fun and friendly way

12. Pete The Cat and The Bedtime Blues

Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues is a perfect book to let your child learn how to end the joy and get sound sleep. Pete and his friends are enjoying a sunny day on the beach. They don’t want the day to end. Somehow they have to sleep as it is very important.

Learning: Sleep well.

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