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Learn How To Spread Love to All with Pete The Cat's GROOVY GUIDE TO LOVE.

HOW TO TEACH YOUR CHILD THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE IN A FUN AND FRIENDLY WAY WITH PETE THE CAT! Spread the love, Pete style! Pete the Cat shares some groovy words from the heart in this fun collection of all his favorite famous quotes about self-love, pursuing your passions (or doing what makes you happy), and friendship. This cool cat adds his heartfelt take on well-known classic quotes, from Vincent van Gogh to Virgil to Ovid to Charles Dickens. Everyone’s favourite blue cat reminds us that the key to loving life is to love yourself, love others, and love what you do. Pete the Cat groovy guide to love: The affectionate groovy guide with famous people’s love quote from all around the world is an amazing singalong book. From Plato to Virgil, Pete has shared almost all the love quotes of famous people. Learning: This singalong story will not only give your kids some knowledge about the famous people in history but it will develop an understanding of love and its value.

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