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Learn to Be Cool with Pete the Cat

The best gift parents could give to their children is to make them able to read. Once the habit of reading developed they will keep learning new things for their whole life.

To develop children’s reading skills parents should start as early as possible because children learn quickly when they are young. At the same time, it is challenging too because the attention span of young children is too short.

Myezypzy helps you to overcome this challenge by providing you interesting and alluring singalong storybooks that do not only engage your child in a learning activity but also teach life lessons.

The children’s most favorite groovy Pete the Cat teaches life lessons and makes it easy to develop reading skills. Nowadays, children spend a lot of their time on screen. Make their screen time beneficial by showing them stuff that helps them.

Pete the Cat singalong children’s storybooks are perfect to teach morals, life lessons, and educational concepts in a fun way.

What are the children going to learn from I love my white shoes and I love my white mask with Pete the Cat?

I love my white shoes is the first story from the series of Pete the Cat storybooks. The main lesson in the story is to be consistent, patient, and happy. No matter what happens in your life, you should accept it, stay positive, cool and be happy.

Other than the morals the groovy Pete is teaching your children lots of things. In both the stories, “I love my white mask” and “I love my white shoes.”

1. Pronunciation: As it is a singalong book, children learn to speak different words while they singalong these stories. The alluring music grabs children’s attention and involves them speaking words that they didn’t know how to pronounce.

2. Sight words: To make your child learn sight words, parents need to involve them in activities. These stories also have some sight words, for example: ‘was,’ ‘love,’ ‘my,’ ‘were,’ and ‘water’ etc.

3. Colors: I love my white mask and I love my white shoes both work as an educational tool to make children learn the names of colors. The story has almost all the colors in it like, red, blue, white, brown, etc.

4. Vocabulary:

Kids also learn new words while watching these singalong stories. This video highlights words in a way that children enjoy learning. Some of the words included in both the stories are mask, strawberries, mud, pile, large, goodness, puddle, bucket, wet, dry, etc.

Lesson from the stories:

I love my white shoes:

When Pete the Cat got his white shoes, he was so happy. While walking along he stepped into the large pile of strawberries and his white shoes turned red. Pete the cat didn’t cry but kept walking and then stepped into many other things that later turned his shoes into blue, brown, and in the end wet. From the beginning till the end Pete was happy and didn’t cry at all.

I love my white mask:

The same lesson Pete is teaching in this story. This time his mask turned into different colors. Pete is a cool, groovy cat who never stops no matter what happens.

With Pete the cat singalong books make reading and learning simple and easy for your children. Use your smart devices smartly and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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