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Learn to be Happy and Active with Pete the Cat

Some books take a space in our bookshelves permanently and Pete the cat children’s storybook is one of them. Pete is a cool groovy cat who loves having fun with friends, playing guitar, and games. Catchy illustrations and simple text are great to sing along with Pete at any time. The life lesson taught be Pete gets to stick with the kids for their whole life.

Myezypzy is presenting you another all-time favorite Pete the Cat sing-along book. Showing healthy content to your kids with limited screen time is an important need of an hour nowadays. Take advantage of these singalong children’s storybooks and engage your kids in activities through which they can learn many lessons. This time Pete the cat is teaching your kids:

· How to learn to dance with Pete

· How to be happy without any reason

· How to accept others and yourself.

Pete the Cat and the Cool Cat Boogie:

If you are looking for something that makes your kids happy as well as active then “the Pete the Cat and the cool cat boogie” is the best option for you. Learn the new dance- the cool cat boogie with Pete. Its light beat is very exciting to let your kids learn easy moves.

When Pete hears the groovy beats, his mood gets on and he starts dancing. He doesn’t care what everyone thinks about him, he just keeps practicing and become a pro because Pete believes in practice makes perfect.

Teach your kids to not only dance but to be agile while dancing with Pete. Teach them that everyone can dance if they practice. The Rhythmic sing-along storybooks lure kids easily. The catchy words of the story are very easy for the kids to learn dancing steps. Kids learn to exercise while dancing for fun with Pete.

While dancing with Pete, children will also learn new words from the video. For example: Shake, Right, left, tail, slide, clap, jump, front, and roll. Vocabulary will be improved with new words.

Pete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses:

Another story “Pete the Cat and his magical sunglasses” with a lesson about happiness and motivation. Pete’s musical love for sunglasses is amazing. Pete was so sad when his toad friend gave him magical sunglasses that could make sad people happy. Pete got so happy and shared those glasses with his all sad friends. One day when his glasses got broken and Pete got sad again, a wise owl advised Pete that “one should not need glasses to be happy.”

Yes, this is the lesson which our kids need to learn too. If they want to be happy it’s not necessary to have new toys, or watching smartphones or eating candies, etc. They can be happy without anything. Happiness is in ourselves. We just have to feel it.

What a lovely lesson Pete the cat has taught! With funny characters and rhyming words, this singalong children’s storybook is best to teach any lesson to the kids.

Pete the Cat and the New Guy:

Now there is a new guy in town and Pete is so excited to meet him. One more exciting story is going to lure kids. Sometimes it is difficult for you to teach your kids how everyone is unique and there is nothing that no one can do in this world. This singalong children’s storybook is perfect for you. “Pete the Cat and the new guy” teaches your kids that everyone in this world is different with unique talent or skills.

Gus is the new friend of Pete and different from all others guys. There are many things that all the friends can do but Gus can’t. Pete tried many things than in the end, Gus knew his talent too.

There is a beautiful lesson in this storybook. There is nothing, no one can’t do. Everyone has some special skills which make them unique from others. Only a little patience is required to understand.

Children’s storybooks are the best option to teach life’s lessons especially Pete the Cat because it has only 10 sentences to teach a wonderful lesson. If you want to advise your kids then watch any of your favourite books from the series of Pete the Cat singalong storybook. I am sure after reading this article you are desperate to watch your favorite Pete the Cat too.

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