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Learning colors and alphabets through singing and moving

According to research, “providing children from birth to five with consistent, language-rich experiences – such as talking, reading, and singing – can have important benefits on their brain development and future school success.”

Early learning indeed helps in building a strong foundation. It is also very important to know that early learning cannot be implemented if a child’s interest is not developed. It is possible when we teach our young ones with fun and play.

Singing rhymes helps in learning sounds, and new words. All the rhymes have the same sounds, and words that help a child in learning letters, or names of colors, shapes, numbers, and many other lessons.

We cannot force our kids to learn. We can only make them learn through ways that involve fun. Especially younger kids cannot learn basic concepts as they don’t understand the importance of learning. We cannot make them understand, how important it is to know the names of the alphabets or names of the colors.

The myezypzy is coming up with more amazing and educational videos. The colour song and the ABC song with colorful illustrations and alluring rhymes are working as tool for the parents to teach their young ones. Now it is not difficult to make kids learn the names of colors and alphabets.

The ABC song:

Do you remember your all-time favorite, the childhood ABC song?

Yes, everyone remembers that song. It is every child’s favorite song. We don’t even remember how long we took to learn because we learned it while singing with our teachers and parents. This time The ABC song is coming up with a video. A little boy in his diapers learning the names of letters while singing the same ABC song with new music.

The baby is not only singing the song but he is also showing alphabets that will help kids in remembering the image of each alphabet. This video will not only let our children learn the names of the alphabets but children will also remember their composition that will further help in writing also.

The colorful room, attractive toys, and alluring rhyme can easily develop the interest of a child in learning the names of alphabets. It will also develop an interest in learning in pre-schools.

Why learning the alphabet’s names are important?

Alphabets play an important role in learning. It helps in learning the language. It develops the communication skills of a child. A set of letters forms a word if a child knows sounds. Learning the alphabets’ names is also very important because sometimes their sounds are different but their names remain the same. For example, the sound of the letter ‘C’ is ‘ka’ and ‘sa.’ In both ways, the name of the letter remains the same that is ‘c.’

If parents use visual aids to let their kids learn alphabets then it is sure that the kids will learn quickly. The colorful illustrations and alluring rhymes help in memorizing anything quickly and easily.

The Colours song:

The ability to know colours’ names is an achievement at an early age. As early a child is being able to identify colours as easy it becomes for a child to recognize and different things. Early identification of colours develops the link between words and visual clues.

We can involve the child in several activities if he can differentiate and identify colours. The colours song is another amazing piece of work from myezypzy. It is a song that helps in memorizing the names of colours.

A child can learn quickly if he learns something from a visual aid. Videos help in memorizing easily. Similarly, the colours song has made the learning of all 12 colours easy for the children. If children are spending time on gadgets, then we must make sure that they spend this time productively.

Why learning colours are important?

Children are always attracted to colours. The colours catch their eyes. They grab the kids’ attention. That is why in the early years, colours play an important role in teaching.

The ability to recognize colours help in building educational skills too. For example; creative writing. A child can use the names of colours to describe any object. Similarly, their imagination is full of colours and it becomes easy for them to describe what they are imagining. Many activities involve colours in early learning for example, matching colours with the same colour objects, etc.

These videos worth a lot, if one is concerned about early educational skills for their children.

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