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Let's Learn How to WASH YOUR HANDS in a Fun and Groovy Way with Pete The Kitty!

Pete The Kitty Wash Your Hands Collection

Splish, scrub, splash, rub! Keeping clean is groovy and fun! Pete must wash his hands many times a day. He must wash them after he sneezes, coughs, plays with his friends, eats his food, and throws away his trash. Beginning readers will love learning how to wash their hands with Pete! This My First I Can Read book is carefully crafted using basic language, word repetition, sight words, and sweet illustrations—which means it's perfect for shared reading with emergent readers. The active, engaging My First I Can Read stories have appealing plots and lovable characters, encouraging children to continue their reading journey.

[0:07] Pete The Kitty Wash Your Hands

[2:52] Pete The Cat and The New Guy

[7:10] Pete The Cat The Petes Go Marching

[11:12] Pete The Cat Super Pete

[14:29] Pete The Cat's Groovy Imagination

[18:30] Pete The Cat Rocking in My School Shoes

[22:40] Pete The Cat I Love My White Shoes

[27:13] Pete The Cat and His FOUR Groovy Buttons

[32:10] Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

[36:30] Pete The Kitty and the Unicorns Missing Colours

[39:44] Pete The Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party

[44:24] Pete The Cat and the Missing Cupcakes

[48:15] THE END

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