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Pete the Cat and The Missing Cupcake 🧁🎈


Do you think your child is having problems sharing things with others?

Or perhaps he feels it hard to forgive others for any mistake they may have committed. Do you want to change that habit of your child?

We have the perfect way to do so with our Pete the cat sing-along storybook.

This time KittyCat is coming with the new sing-along book that brings your kid an exciting story filled with morals. Pete the Cat is a groovy and classy cat with its own fabulous band that loves to have fun with its friends.

Pete the Cat and the missing cupcakes:

Pete the Cat and the missing cupcakes sing along storybook has a fun-filled story with rhyming words which not only gains the interest of your child but plays an important role in greatly improving their vocabulary, speaking, and reading skills. With Pete, a child does not only get educational nourishment and refinement but a moral build up and boost for their social life as well.

Morals taught in childhood become the core of the children later on in their life. It is important to teach them morals at an early age so that it becomes a part of their life. When they know their morals from an early age, it becomes easier for them to practice them later in life.

How this story makes reading easy:

Sight words are generally hard to explain as they do not have explicit visuals. However, Pete the Cat makes it easy for your kids to learn them. They will learn a lot of new words and the ways they are used.

Some of the words children will learn are ‘party,’ ‘everyone,’ ‘done,’ ‘hang,’ ‘gone,’ ‘sure,’ ‘count,’ ‘lined up,’ ‘straight,’ ‘clue,’ ‘ground,’ ‘bet,’ ‘tricks,’ ‘weird,’ ‘only,’ ‘swimming,’ ‘missing,’ ‘grumpy,’ ‘case’ and ‘agreed.’

It also teaches sound to kids as the words are rhymed, so it enables children not only to learn new words but pronounce them correctly as well!

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See you soon!

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