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Pete the Cat is inviting you to the Perfect Pizza Party & LEARN TO BE FORGIVING WITH PETE

Do you think your child is having problems sharing things with others?

Or perhaps he feels it hard to forgive others for any mistake they may have committed. Do you want to change that habit of your child?

We have the perfect way to do so with our Pete the cat sing-along storybook.

This time ‘Myezypzy’ is coming with the new sing-along book that brings your kid an exciting story filled with morals. Pete the Cat is a groovy and classy cat with its own fabulous band that loves to have fun with its friends.

Pete the Cat and the missing cupcakes:

Pete the Cat and the missing cupcakes sing along storybook has a fun-filled story with rhyming words which not only gains the interest of your child but plays an important role in greatly improving their vocabulary, speaking, and reading skills. With Pete, a child does not only get educational nourishment and refinement but a moral build up and boost for their social life as well.

Morals taught in childhood become the core of the children later on in their life. It is important to teach them morals at an early age so that it becomes a part of their life. When they know their morals from an early age, it becomes easier for them to practice them later in life.

Pete the cat sing-along children’s storybooks are a perfect source of teaching your kids morals in a fun way so they don’t get bored but get a message that sticks with them throughout their life. With Pete the cat and the missing cupcakes, children learn that anyone can do mistakes and they deserve a second chance. From the toad, children learn that if they mistakenly do something, they should say sorry, not do it again, and compensate just as the toad did by bringing cupcakes to the party.

It is every parent’s dilemma today that their child spends more time on smartphones and other devices. If you can’t reduce the watch time of your kids, why not use it productively?

Pete the cat sing along storybooks gain the attention of your child throughout the story. Like other Pete stories, Pete the Cat and the missing cupcakes is a fun story with morals and a lot of new words for your child to learn.

The main story of the book:

Pete the Cat and the missing cupcakes children’s storybook is about Pete and Gus who are having a party at their house. They make 10 cupcakes for all their friends and leave them out in the kitchen. When they return after a while, they find that two cupcakes are missing.

Pete and Gus find clues outside their house, such as footprints and dropped sprinkles, and follow them. They first go to the squirrel, alligator, and the turtle to find that they were not the culprits and were doing their own thing. Each time Pete and Gus return to their kitchen, they find two more of their cupcakes until none remain.

Lastly, they find the toad with icing on his face. He accepts his mistake and apologizes but everyone decides that he should not be allowed in the party. However, Pete forgives him and gives the toad another chance. Toad brings cupcakes for everyone and the friends enjoy the party.

This children’s sing-along storybook encourages children to forgive others. While Pete and Gus are finding the clues, it gives your child a chance to think as well. Children learn a lot of new rhyming words and their mathematics skills are improved as well when they count the cupcakes with Pete and Gus. Your child may also pick up the basics of subtraction as the cupcakes are reduced from ten to none.

How this story makes reading easy:

Sight words are generally hard to explain as they do not have explicit visuals. However, Pete the Cat makes it easy for your kids to learn them. They will learn a lot of new words and the ways they are used.

Some of the words children will learn are ‘party,’ ‘everyone,’ ‘done,’ ‘hang,’ ‘gone,’ ‘sure,’ ‘count,’ ‘lined up,’ ‘straight,’ ‘clue,’ ‘ground,’ ‘bet,’ ‘tricks,’ ‘weird,’ ‘only,’ ‘swimming,’ ‘missing,’ ‘grumpy,’ ‘case’ and ‘agreed.’

It also teaches sound to kids as the words are rhymed, so it enables children not only to learn new words but pronounce them correctly as well!

Do you think that your little ones are ready to read?

Are you excited to provide something interesting to develop their interest in reading?

Then, Pete, the cat is here again. In this story Pete is going to have a pizza party with his friends, so do you also want your kids to join this party?

It is pleasurable to watch the kids improving in reading. At an early age, it is important to keep in mind a few important things for making reading easy; sounds, phonics, letters, and sight words.

Yes, if the kids know the letter names, its sounds, and sight words then reading is not a challenge anymore.

If the kids are provided such books that do not only include interesting stories but that also cover these important points then the kids will improve their reading skills in a short time.

Watching Pete the cat sing-along books is always fun that’s why MyEzyPzy is presenting another exciting sing-along children’s storybook about Pete the Cat and the perfect pizza party. The catchy illustrations, moving pages, and groovy songs allure kids to sing along with Pete. Children can not only learn the words in a short time, but they can also understand their meanings as well.

What does Pete is going to teach through this storybook?

Pete the cat children’s storybooks are children’s favorite because it doesn’t only have alluring songs but it also has interesting stories and lessons to learn. Sometimes Pete is teaching very important lessons with his groovy songs, sometimes he makes reading so easy, and sometimes he teaches different learning concepts like shapes, numbers, and colors. Pete the Cat and the perfect pizza party is covering the following concepts and teaching different lessons:

Sight words:

Some words don’t include the rules of phonics and kids can only learn by seeing. While watching this story kids can memorize these words easily. Through this singalong storybook, kids can easily learn those words because of the catchy rhythm. Kids sing along with Pete and remember the sight words within a few minutes. For example: ‘you,’ ‘are,’ ‘groovy’ etc.


While singing along with Pete, children will learn different sounds of words also. For example sound of the ‘ch’ in cheese. Similarly, more words include phonics like: ‘pepperoni,’ ‘pizza,’ ‘party,’ ‘shared,’ ‘end,’ cheese’ etc.

Encouraging picky eaters:

An awesome story that develops an interest in food. Pete and his friends are talking about their favorite food so we can our picky eaters to do the same.


As we all know sharing is caring so here Pete is teaching the same lesson in his groovy style. Share what you have and accepting other’s choices also.

Although Pete’s favorite topping is pepperoni, he is adding so many other toppings just because his friends love those.

Is Pete going to add their favorite toppings? You can find this out in the storybook.

Make your invitation card:

Just like Pete, our kids can also have a pizza party at home with their friends. It will be a healthy activity for the kids. They can also make invitation cards just like Pete made and they can also invite their friends just like Pete invited.

PETE THE CAT AND THE PERFECT PIZZA PARTY Book on YouTube by Kimberly & James Dean. Children's Read Aloud English Story Book. You’re also invited to the party! Are your favorite toppings going to be there? From bestselling duo, Kimberly & James Dean comes another story to the purr-fect Pete the Cat series. This time, Pete wants to host the perfect pizza party. But . . . everyone he wants to invite likes different toppings! Do you think Pete’s guests love the toppings he chooses? This party is about to be OUT OF SIGHT, DYNAMITE, JUST RIGHT!

What will happen in the end? Did the party was the perfect one? Or was it ruined?

All you can find out in the storybook Pete the cat and the perfect pizza party.

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