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Are you worried about why your child finds it difficult to make friends?


Are you worried that your child is over-cautious and prefers to be at home over going out with friends?

Well, this is not a problem at all. Every child is unique and so his personality. If he prefers to be at home rather than spending time with friends then it means he needs to learn skills of making friends. It simply means that for a child it is a big problem to make friends.

Jessie the rabbit is the story of a rabbit who feels the same. In this storybook, children will learn how to face the problems instead of avoiding them.

If you think that your child is wasting time on devices? Or maybe the devices have replaced the story books then it is the right time for you to show these lesson-oriented stories to your child? These stories don’t only develop interests in reading but also the attention span.

When children are singing along while watching the story, they are repeating the words that help in building their vocabulary a lot.

Research has proven that children learn more quickly through visual learning. So these read-aloud storybooks will not only help your child learn a lesson but can also help him in building vocabulary and other reading skills.

According to stats, an average child is spending 4 hours and 44 minutes daily on phone. If you can’t get these devices away from them then use them in the best possible way?

Children's read-aloud storybooks are the perfect option for children to increase interest in reading. They get fed up too soon from the same stories. If the story is interesting and has a lesson in it then it can easily grab your child’s attention.

The main idea of the book:

Jessie the rabbit, children's read-aloud storybook is one of them. Its interesting story grabs the child’s attention till the end. It is the story of a rabbit who gets scared of everything and avoids going far from her hole. At the same time, she admires other animals who can play outside comfortably.

Children’s read-aloud storybooks encourage an introverted child who feels shy and scared. He finds it difficult to make friends. Jessie the rabbit is a character in the story who wants to make friends but because of her fears, she could not interact with them.

She has drawn an invisible line around herself and acts cautiously whenever she finds herself out of that line. The other animals soon recognized that Jessie gets uncomfortable after hearing even a slight inkling of danger.

Jessie’s friends started making fun of her and she felt sad about this. One day, one of her friends got stuck in a dangerous situation and no one was there to help him. Jessie stepped out from the hole and helped him with her courage and quick thinking. Just then Jessie’s friends realized that Jessie is not struggling through her fears but she has a cautious nature. From then Jessie the rabbit became their best friend.

Make your child understand that feeling cautious in a dangerous situation is normal behavior. One should not feel ashamed of it. They should wait for the right time to prove themselves to the world.

This children's read-aloud storybook encourages children to be brave and loyal to their friends and never to judge a book by its cover. Always respect everyone, because you never know when you may need them.

Book by T. Albert

Illustrated by

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