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The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle | How to Read and Learn With an Animated Video


Your child has become addicted to digital devices…

Your child is not showing interest in reading storybooks

Your child doesn't want to read or sing...

This is the problem of every mother and father these days. Our lives are more dependent upon smartphones and laptops than ever before.

Parents don’t have any choice and they have to do the teacher’s job too during this pandemic, and on top of that the issue with our children are not exposed to reading, dancing and singing like they do while in school. We cannot do everything as teachers do at school. Looking for something that helps the child in learning some new songs, without the parent’s involvement is obvious.

It is time to work smartly instead of working harder than required. Using these devices to show animated videos is an amazing solution for the daily problems we encounter. Helping our children understand the importance of being free to read and talk freely, wherever they go. The Very Busy Spider encourages this, in fun and friendly way.

Sing Along Animated Video:

The question is what is sing along animated video? It is a rhythmic animation. The rhyming text along with Pete and his friends dancing, with playback song attracts children to repeat when it is played. Children learn more quickly while watching these cool videos. The movement in the animation will draw your child towards the book, rather than them getting bored, which in-turn helps them learn and get more knowledgeable in a fun and friendly way.

Benefits of sing along animated videos:

· Speaking and reading skills will improve dramatically:

Children learn more quickly when they learn visually and in visual learning children focus more on listening and visualizing. This animated video is beneficial for them because its movement captivates the Childs imagination, which will improve their reading and speaking skills ten fold.

· Easy to learn sight words:

Many words cannot be read with the help of basic phonic rules. For example: ‘was,’ ‘these,’ ‘love’ and ‘you’ etc. Parents do many activities to make their kids learn these words. The Very Animated Collection works as the best tool for our kids to learn the sight words easily.

· Develop interest in reading:

It is not just a usual read aloud story book. This animated video has an interesting story of The Very Busy Spider that will help children to get stick with the story. Its attractive animation and unique rhyme develop an interest in children to listen and sing along with the song more and more.

· Helps in building vocabulary:

The Very Busy Spider is an old read aloud Story Book favourite amongst kids. While watching the video of “The Very Busy Spider our children will be learning animal noises and see the busy spider spinning her web, as well as much more. They will not only learn ten animal noises, but they will also learn to read different words and remember them better due to the repetitive rhyme in this read aloud story book.

Learning material from THE VERY SERIES “The Very Busy Spider animated video”:

This video, is unique and interesting. With educational concepts, the positive personality of The Very Busy Spider teaches our children how to stay busy.. Here you will see what your children are going to learn from these videos:

With an animated video, it makes learning fun, keeping it simple. These videos will help in using the devices smartly. Subscribe to the channel and get more updates about new concepts with more new books. And don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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