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Updated: Nov 22, 2021

For Pete’s fans, the fun has begun again…

This Christmas, children will be going to learn new words and life lessons along with the groovy blue Pete the cat. For your little ones, the best way to make them learn is ‘learning with fun.’ Pete knows this very well so this video has the vast collection of all-time favourite Pete’s singalong stories that start from saving Christmas to rocking in school shoes.

Let’s see what your little ones can learn from Pete the Cat, Christmas collection.

1. Pete the Cat saves Christmas:

Suddenly just a day before Christmas when Santa fell ill, Pete was there to offer him his help. Although he is so small he is ready to help Santa by delivering the toys. So, instead of a sleigh, Pete filled his bus and reindeers fly it up high in the air.

2. Pete the Cat’s 12 groovy days of Christmas:

This is not just 12 days of Christmas but 12 different words that start from road trip and gloves to on and on. Pete is giving so many things to everyone and taking everyone on the road trip to the sea. The alluring song will not only involve the kids in the story but will also instill the vocabulary in their minds.

3. Pete the Cat, The Pete’s go marching:

Time to learn the numbers again. Pete is not going to show only numbers 1,2,3… but also an interesting rhyme to the kids. In place of ants, Pete is marching in his groovy style to make your kids learn the numbers with fun.

4. Pete the Cat I love my white shoes:

This video also includes the most famous white shoes of Pete that turned into many colors in different situations. It’s Pete who never cries and becomes sad as he believes that no matter what happened he should keep going to never complain.

5. Pete the Cat the cool cat boogie:

Pete knows to be active and energetic. He wants everyone to be active too. He doesn’t want kids to become lazy so that is why showing some easy moves and easy exercises. With interesting rhymes, Pete is dancing in a fun way to make your kids learn to move and dance instead of getting stuck like a sack while watching this video.

6. Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons:

Pete is wearing his favorite shirt that has 4 groovy buttons. All of a sudden all the buttons one by one popped off and as usual Pete didn’t cry. Yes, instead of crying he is singing for his leftover buttons. Even when his last button popped off he did not cry and sends the lesson that things come and go but we should be happy for what we have as he was singing for his belly button.

7. Pete the Cat and his magic sunglasses:

Here comes a precious life lesson. Pete the Cat appears sad in the story and learned from his friend that magic sunglasses can make him happy. So when he got his glasses he became happy. After a while, his sunglasses got broken and he became sad again. In the end, the wise owl told him that one should not need glasses to be happy. Happiness is inside you not in things, what a lovely lesson Pete learned.

8. Pete the Cat and the perfect pizza party:

It’s not just parties and songs Pete loves pizzas too. So he invites all his friends to have a pizza party together with everyone’s favorite toppings on it. In the end, Pete has a unique party with different toppings on pizza for his friends.

9. Pete the Cat and the new guy:

Pete is always happy to make new friends. This time it is Gus who is Pete’s new friend and here Pete will not only show how to make friends but he will also teach how to accept the different qualities of people around you.

10.Pete the Cat and the missing cupcakes:

When the naughty grumpy toad ate all the cupcakes, Pete came up with a big heart and decided to give him another chance. A very important lesson for the kids is to let go of others’ mistakes and give one more chance.

11. Pete the Cat Rocking in my school shoes:

Learning with Pete is fun. He never cries when he goes to school. He sings, rocks, and enjoys the whole day.

Myezypzy is teaching important life lessons and basic educational concepts through Pete the Cat collection. The singalong stories always help parents in making children learn easily and quickly.

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